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Tablet PC refers to a flat shape notebook. It has a touch screen which allows stylus or digital pen rather than a traditional keyboard or mouse. Tablet PC is a PC that has powerful operating system running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Tablet PC provides all the performance and functionality of today's notebook, in addition, it also increases the capacity to improve mobile computing features, including the use of natural interface for the Tablet pen input data, ultra-light body size, and advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities.

Advantage of the Tablet PC

Extreme thin, strong inner core

Android Tablet PC gives you the first impression of fast application startup. It is fast to open web page and even faster when opening email. Improved performance and enhanced 3D graphics processing capabilities make the entertainment experience perfect and lead to more rapid and sensitive application experience.

HD Vision, perfect touch

Rich image, clear screen display, smooth touch, good touch as well as high-definition vision

Large visibility

It uses the N-trig display technology reaching 178 ° viewing angle. No matter in what way you hold it, you can enjoy clear, bright and vivid pictures.

Powerful operating system

The most important thing is to support multi-task parallel processing to run faster. Google ipad has a faster running and loading speed due to the optimized system. More Desktop Widget, personalized desktop and new browser version enhance the web stability. Global search function strengthens and high-definition playback and intelligent systems are available.

Comebuy offers Android Tablet Pc including COMIO, HYUNDAI, Ramos, IPPO, FreeLander,

Ployer, AMPE, Soxi, Ainol, COLORFLY, ONDA, BENEVE, Azure, Starlight, Meiying, Dorado, Fantab, Ultraschall, trinity、komodo, LeoPad, viva pad,etc.

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