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27 Firefox brings new social API and supports TLS 1.2

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Mozilla has released the final Firefox 27. Most important change is a new version of the social API, which allows developers to integrate social networking features directly into the browser. After the update users can get at the same time messages from multiple services. Previously this was possible only for each service, which was displayed in the Firefox toolbar.

Facebook Messenger currently use also Cliqz, mixi, MSN, now and Weibo Mozilla's social API. As reported by the next Web, Mozilla with delicious and Saavn has added two new partners.

The release notes that the encryption protocol was enabled in Firefox 27 factory transport layer security (TLS) in versions 1.1 and 1.2. So far, Mozilla had waived to avoid problems with sites that do not support modern technology. Also the new browser works well with Google's acceleration Protocol SPDY in version 3.1.

Mozilla stuffs also 15 security holes in its browser. Five of them considers it critical. An attacker could infiltrate without further interaction with a user malicious code and execute. Among other things, Firefox 27 eliminates a use-after-free bug, which occurred in the handling of images. Mozilla corrected various memory errors.

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Firefox 27 is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux available. Users who have already installed the browser will receive the update automatically. It can be downloaded also from the Mozilla Web site.

In addition, a new version of Firefox for Android is available in the Google play store. She brings no major innovations in addition to the activation of TLS 1.2, but. It supports additional languages: Lithuanian, Slovenian, Thai, and South African English.


Mozilla Firefox 27Mozilla Firefox 27 for Android

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