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61 percent of the Internet traffic emanating from bots

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Bots cause this year for the first time more Internet traffic than systems operated by people. That's a study by Incapsula. According to the bot share to 2013 by 21 percentage points increased to 61 percent.

Under the bots which dominated however by Incapsula of called "good bots" - so agents from search engines or also Web performance measurement services. Their share of the had increased from 20 to 31 per cent. Thus, they are traffic share in the majority to "malicious bots" with 30 percent.

According to the market researchers have existing "good bots" strengthened their activities as well as new services contributed to the increase. "For example, we see retrieve new services for search engine optimization, the sites of 30-50 times per day or more often", they say in their blog post.

Less malicious could get bots to 2013. The proportion of spam-bots in particular went to 2 percentage points to 0.5 percent return. Scraper, however, showed no decline, collect the data, hacker tools and agents who pass themselves off as human user or good bots. The latter category recorded with plus 8 points even the largest increase. Incapsula that is high-level bots with evil intentions, which are probably responsible for the increase in cyber attacks this year.

"All members of the BOT Group have in common that they assume the identity of someone", it says. "Some people use the user agent identification of browsers, others pretend to be bots from search engines or other legal services agents. The goal is always the same -. on the security of a Web site over to schlüpfen"

[with material by Dara Kerr,]

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