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Action: Spying on Facebook private messages of its users

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley users according to a report by Bloomberg have sued Facebook in the Federal District Court in Northern California. You breaches of the data protection act, electronic communications Privacy Act accuse the social network. It intercepts of lawsuit according to private messages to its members without their consent, and analyzes the content.

Specifically, it comes that Facebook supposedly scans contained URLs in the messages, to create, for example, user profiles. The allegations are based on a study of the Swiss security company high-tech bridge. Therefore covered Facebook also "like" clicks, users plug - in the submit on third-party sites and forward as a private message to their friends.

"That Facebook represents the contents of the messages to its users as 'private', creates a particularly profitable way, because users who believe they communicate without being monitored, give probably more about themselves, as if they knew the contents to be bugged," according to the writ.

Facebook has rejected the accusations. "We believe they lack any basis, and we will defend ourselves with all means, however," a Facebook spokesman said.

The plaintiffs have asked for a certification as a class-action lawsuit. She should have sent private messages to a URL for all Facebook users in the United States are, or receive. Also, they request a restraining order, prohibiting Facebook scanning of URLs in private messages as well as claims for damages in the amount of $100 for each day, the the social network the electronic communications Privacy Act - hurt for each participant of the class-action lawsuit.

[with material by Jennifer van Grove,]

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