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Amazon brings virtual currency of coins on Android devices

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Amazon offers its virtual currency coins now users of Android devices. Customers in Germany, Great Britain and the United States can buy with their Smartphone or Tablet coins and insert. For example, apps can be with the alternative means of payment, pay for games or in-app content in Amazon's app store. This was possible only on the desktop, and with Amazon's Kindle fire equipment.

In may 2013, Amazon introduced the virtual currency in the United States. In November the merchant made available her also in Germany. A unit of the Amazon currency equivalent to one euro cent.

An Android device owner to make coins, you must first install the latest version of Amazon's app store. This is then used as an alternative app store Google play. Installation instructions can be found on the Amazon Web site.

Customers can the currency under coins in quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000 to buy. The smallest package costs 4.80 euros, the largest 90 euro - converted to the value of up to 10 percent savings so. Charges do not apply. Amazon tried the discount system, to bind user to his shop and its ecosystem, because only there you can spend your credits.

At the same time promotes merchant of coins as another way for app developers to increase traffic and downloads and to increase their sales. In the United States, developers had recorded a significant upswing since the launch of the coins. 70 percent of every transaction go as usual to the app provider, 30 percent keeps Amazon. Existing apps and games need to be customized for coins or modified.

Amazon is not the first Internet company that introduces a virtual currency. Facebook has his attempt with credits ("Facebook credits") in June 2012? just a year after leaving the beta phase? abandoned. Now it has again switched to local currencies such as dollars, euros, pounds or Yen.

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