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Amazon integrated flow in shopping app

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Amazon has integrated the augmented-reality technology flow in its standard shopping app for iOS (version 3.2.1). Thus, users can search for products and buy them by they simply take a photo. Until now, flow has been a stand-alone application the Amazon-A9.

There's the original flow app for 2011. The user will take about a photo of a book, a DVD, or all kinds of pre-packaged goods and looks this way in Amazon's range. While he must the barcode does not necessarily capture - a process that is also, in the standard Amazon app.

Amazon hopes to be able to sell even more household goods. In a press release Vice President Sam Hall commented: "flow matches at home the products with you in an instant with goods on Amazon. If you have added to the mask with the garbage bags or the baby wipes, you move your phone but also equal over packs, of which you need supplies. The Amazon app recognizes the product and stores it in your search history. "Goods on a counter with a shelf, you can scan or take out out of the closet to do your shopping in seconds."

The Amazon app with integrated flow is initially only available for iOS 7. Further, flow can be downloaded as a standalone app in the Apple app store and Google play.

Yesterday had become clear through an acquisition, that Amazon is pushing in another market: with double helix was acquired a Development Studio for console games. For months the rumor circulating, Amazon plan an androidbasierte game console. Probably she will cost under $300 and downloads as well as streaming support.

[with material by Donna Tam,]

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