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Android botnet "Slempo" hiding with the help of gate

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

A new Trojan for Android devices is based on the code of a Tor client called Orbot. Roman Unuchek point out by Kaspersky Lab and Adam Kujawa from malwarebytes. The onion proxy server of Tor network serve Backdoor.AndroidOS.Torec according to their representation of the malware to disguise the location of the command server. This ultimately hiding behind an infrastructure created by thousands of volunteers worldwide.

Malwarebytes according to the official name of the botnet "Slempo" is. The use currently cost $1000 for the first month, $500 for each other. The gate-based malware probably was a further development of the botnet "Stoned Cat". It is the first time that an Android malware gateway uses.

On Android devices, the malware can intercept incoming and sent messages and hide or also block communication and execute code. The command server by default gets sent to model, OS version, country, list of installed apps and IMEI.

The cloaking procedure but also has a disadvantage: to use Tor, the client requires a lot of code. User can easily get with the large, lengthy download.

No relationship is probably parallel with a security incident reported by Holden security: the company has discovered a package with 360 million account data on the black market. It is not known, were what she were intended and where they stole. Holden called but told Reuters the amount as "overwhelming" and warns of the consequences, if should get root access to corporate networks, health records, or bank accounts of criminals in this way.

[with material from Charlie Osborne,]

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