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Apple applies for patent on pressure measurement with touchscreens

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The US Patent Office has published an application from Apple titled "Gesture and touch input recognition through pressure". It provides three or four sensors per screen, which help better distinguish accidental touches from intentional input. You might find in the place of the screen frame.

With each contact, the nearest sensor would try to capture the pressure and the pressure point referred to in the application for "Centroid". The additional measurement also generally ensures greater accuracy in detecting input.

In particular can be easier clarify, whether the user is performing just a one-finger input or a multitouch gesture. A thumb sustained only the device, which rests at the edge of the area, would not be understood as part of the input. Even if a gesture outside of the visible screen area begins, this could be better interpreted with sensors.

Apple's application mentioned notebooks, portable game consoles and music players as well as Smartphones and tablets as devices that could benefit from such an improvement. This of course not necessarily means that it intends to develop such devices.

Touchscreens are a focus of Apple's research, which is why it repeatedly applied for patents in this field - to display technology as well as to the underlying software. 2012 as it developed the concept of a multilayer touch screens, which could provide haptic feedback as well as reproduce highs and lows. And 2013, a motion was known, the "gesture navigation of content objects" was overwritten. There were ideas for an easier handling with tabs on a touch screen.

[with material by Lance Whitney,]

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