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Apple removes last bit coin purse from app store

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple has removed the last in his app store offered Bitcoin wallet called Blockchain. She allowed payments using the virtual currency of Bitcoin abzuwicken. The Blockchain blog according to there was "No explanation and no way to fix any problems".

The only clue was that there is an "unsolved problem" - without specifying what it is anyway, the app developer writes. "That is ultimately: 'because we so chose it.'"

Blockchain raises serious allegations: "Apple's Act shows once more the anti-competitive and arbitrary system of app store policies, aimed it is obvious to keep Apple's monopoly for payments instead to take account of the needs and desires of users."

Previously, Apple had removed other Bitcoin applications without to speak publicly about the reasons. As examples, Blockchain is called the apps by Gliph, Coinbase and CoinJar. Some observers speculate the cleanup action was a preparatory action, as Apple itself prepare a payment service in the style of Google Wallet. This had recently reported the Wall Street Journal.

Blockchain was about two years in the app store have been available, and about 120,000 times downloaded un of this time. With reference to these figures, Blockchain writes, the incident was "historic and unprecedented".

The app provider and some other Bitcoin activists launched a petition on at Apple as a last attempt. The text reads: "we need a Bitcoin wallet, and if Apple does not provide, we switch to Android." So far, more than 2500 persons have signed.

[with material by Don Reisinger,]

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