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British Facebook-phone pioneer closes

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

A British manufacturer of a failed Facebook phones announced today discontinue its operation, as Android has noticed police. INQ mobile was founded in 2008. According to CrunchBase, it had 40 employees in the UK and Italy. It belonged to the telecommunications group Hutchison Whampoa.

On the company's website it says: "INQ has done some exciting and innovative things in the past, but we will close the doors on January 31." His app, the content-discovery application material, it made Google play pulled back. The social media widget SO.HO more experiences no updates.

INQ had come in 2011 with two Facebook phones on the market, Q called touch of cloud and cloud. Among other things there are four buttons for Facebook features on the homescreen, an integration of Facebook friends with the contacts and a prominently exposed Facebook newsfeed. INQ was also involved in the production of Skype phones. Then it was planning a Twitter-phone, which apparently no longer realized.

The was then seen major threat to its business model - a Smartphone by Facebook itself--never manifested itself. Due to its small size, could INQ compete but with other smartphone manufacturers, as it was called, and soon withdrew from the hardware segment to focus on apps. Claims it has sold 1.5 million mobile phones 2011/12 about.

The app material received positive reviews when starting early 2013, did hard but against competitors such as Flipboard and pulse. They exist any longer, she would have - faced with a competing application from Facebook the yesterday launched reader called "Paper".

[with material from Liam Tung,]

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