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Carl Icahn increases stake in nuance

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

He his attention after investor Carl Icahn recently had engaged at Apple, Dell and eBay, is now apparently more on Nuance Communications. As MarketWatch reported, citing trading documents, the billionaire has increased its shareholding in the speech recognition specialist from 58.9 to 60.8 million.

Carl Icahn (image: CBS News)

Already during his dispute with Dell last year Icahn had increased his stake in nuance by previously 16.4 percent in August to 16.9 percent. Also, at the time speculated he will demand a seat on the Supervisory Board.

Icahn is known for aggressive company's policy to interfere in, in which he has invested. So he has tried several times or even threatened to take control through proxies or the recruiting of shareholder votes. This was time Warner, blockbuster, ImClone sytems, Netflix and last Dell in the case such as Yahoo, Motorola.

Normally, the billionaire is not wary of publicly important investments - either in interviews or through his Twitter account for him. He has however not publicly expressed in the fall by Nuance so far. In his most recent Tweet he expresses only his joy at the start of the second season of the TV series House of cards on Netflix. Icahn is also involved in the streaming service.

At the beginning of the year the investor with eBay laid, after Apple had rejected his proposals to extend the share buy-back programme. On eBay, he wanted to occupy two seats on the Supervisory Board with his followers and demanded the sales portal, to outsource its PayPal subsidiary. EBay rejected his suggestions but all around.

[with material by Rachel King,]

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