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China makes mandatory name review for uploads

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

China has made a registration with the real name mandatory, before users can upload videos on the Internet. Regardless of the concrete used video portal users must before an authority only make representations and identify themselves with card. The rule shall hold "Vulgar content, inferior art forms, excessive violence and sexual content" administration of press, publication, radio, film and television (SARFT) according to State, "the society to exert a negative effect."

Registration obligation applies since 2012 for reporter, because the Chinese authorities fear spreads "Rumors". Last year this was expanded on the use of the Internet with prepaid SIM cards for mobile phones and fixed-network contracts, although since 2010 already ID applies to the purchase of the SIM cards.

For the spreading of false information, there are also since 2013 strict penalties, if they can be considered defamatory or national interests concern. If such a post at least 5000 times or redirected 500 times been, threatening up to three years in prison. In the well-known blogger and reporter such as Charles Xue were arrested.

Also there were cases against online portals to increase their willingness to censorship. Now, new methods are evaluated to censor search results.

Just yesterday, China had specified the number of Internet users in the country, with 618 million. 250 million who access the Web via Smartphone include. The most popular video sites in China are market leader Youku, Tudou, Renren and iQiyi.

[with material by Eileen Yu,]

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