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China reports 618 million Internet users

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The number of Internet users has increased according to a government agency to 618 million - the highest number of users in a single country at all. So many Chinese have accessed at least once in the last half of the Internet, it is in the 33rd edition of the statistical report on the Internet development in China.

Year over year, the number of online users have installed thus over 53 million, writes the China Internet network information centre (CNNIC). During the investigation period until December it watched Internet access also by 250 million mobile devices. The mobile phone rate was thus at 81 percent.

However in 2008, China had caught the world record for the number of users as it passed for the first time in the United States. According to Beijing IT consulting firm BDA, the number of Chinese Internet users was in March 2008 at 228.5 million. This was about 217,1 million U.S. citizens with Internet access.

Shopping on the Web, and Mikroblogdienste in the style of Twitter like Sina Weibo in China E-Commerce, are so popular. The Boston Consulting Group expects that China next year will become the most valuable market for E-commerce. As 2011 was back there with 145 million customers just behind the United States with 170 million.

The ruling Communist Party of China in all growth attempting to bypass a freedom of expression on the Internet by laws against "Spreading rumors". In addition to the own Zensurinfrasturktur, which is called the "Great firewall", the Government access provider and social calls on networks, to suppress content of the user that troublesome issues. 2012 steps to the lock of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) were undertaken also put a technically savvy users to circumvent the censorship.

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