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Comparison with Samsung: Apple is copying not allowed

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple insists that a comparison with Samsung includes a prohibition of the copy. This is a font of the iPhone manufacturer produced, which lies above the Patentblogger Florian Müller. Currently, the parties try to reach an out-of-court agreement before another patent suit is being negotiated as of March.

In the talks with Samsung Apple always called restrictions on a license agreement and a copy prohibition for Apple products, it is in the font set, Apple lawyer B.J.. Watrous has filed in the past week at the competent District Court in Northern California. Samsung would thus forbidden to imitate the design of Apple's mobile phones.

In addition, Apple accuses his Korean competitors he is delaying Apple's application process for a permanent injunction against him based on the patent ruling of August 2012. At the time, a jury found that Samsung violated certain rights of the company from Cupertino.

"Samsung calls a hearing of evidence, even though all documents are already available, and wants the Court to suspend all orders to the patent 7.844.915", it means further in the font. The protection law, which describes the pinch-to-zoom gesture, is however questioned by the U.S. Patent Office. Pending a final decision of the authority.

In talks the comparison, which has stimulated the presiding judge Lucy Koh, also the CEO of Apple and Samsung will meet on February 19 with a mediator. All previous attempts of the CEOs, to settle the dispute, but failed.

[with material by Steven Musil,]

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