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Dell: 4K-Monitor with 28 inches for just under 700 dollars available

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Dell has unveiled a 28-inch monitor with ultra-HD tripping at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The model P2815Q is the currently cheapest 4K-Monitor according to manufacturers worldwide. In the United States, he will cost 699 dollars. He comes to January 23 in the trade.

Dell offers the 4K-Monitor P2815Q in the United States at a price of $699 (image: Dell).

The display represents Dell according to 2160 pixels 3840 time and providing a resolution four times as high as a full HD monitor with 1920 times 1080 pixels. The manufacturer promises according to a report by Forbes, also a maximum vertical viewing angle of 170 degrees and a response time of 5 milliseconds. The color depth is specified with 1.07 billion colors. 300 candela per square meter and the energy consumption is the brightness of 75 watts.

Connections offers the P2815Q DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, HDMI and a built-in USB 3.0 hub with four slots, of which one can be used also for charging devices. The monitor can be also adjusted in the height, turn and tilt.

Forbes indicates that the 4K-Display resolution of 3840 times 2160 offer only a refresh rate of 30 Hertz pixels and therefore unsuitable for computer games. However, in 1920 times 1080 pixels, he should reach the normal 60 Hertz.

Beginning of December Dell announced the sister models UltraSharp UP2414Q and UP3214Q with 24 - or 32-inch screen size. Enjoy in this country in 1495 and 3212 euro. However, Dell relies on IGZO LCD panels, providing a larger viewing angle for them. At the P2815Q a TN Panel is, however, used, as confirmed by Dell against Forbes.

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