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Dell sells MakerBot 3D printer

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Dell has signed a distribution agreement with MakerBot. It will distribute whose 3D printers of the Replicator series as well as 3D scanners to small and medium-sized enterprises in the future - but for the time being only in the United States.

The 3D-Geräte are certified also for the series of Dell Precision workstations, intended for the working with engineers, architects, designers and start ups. Dell promises this combination of complete solutions, including prototypes and models make faster can.

As a special target group called Andy Rhodes, Executive Director for Dell's precision series, start up companies. What firms with limited personnel and time resources could benefit from rapid creation of prototypes in the own House.

A combination of a precision workstations with the AMD FirePro W5000 graphics solution and a MakerBot-Desktop 3D printer Replicator 2 shows Dell just at the fair of SolidWorks in San Diego, California. It will start selling the printer on February 20. First six devices at prices between 949 and 6499 dollars will be available.

3D printing was CES earlier this month of one of the central themes at the fair. It is also a sign of the trend that recently software manufacturer Adobe expanded its program of Photoshop to 3D-Druck-Unterstützung existing 3D models to work on and automatically prepare for printing. For example, the generation of additional supportive structures includes to allow stable prints first.

However, it says for years, the 3D-Drucktechnik stand before the breakthrough. A year ago, citron research warned it was a stock-market bubble. Technological advances would completely exaggerated represented by the manufacturers.

[with material by Rachel King,]

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