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Deutsche Telekom warns counterfeit bills

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Cyberkrininelle currently increasingly trying to spread a malicious software by means of falsified invoices of Telekom. The Bonn group itself has pointed out. The spam messages contain a link to a file that will install a Trojan on your PC.

"Unfortunately such phishing attacks are already on the agenda. We are seeing such waves of attack every month several times", commented Bernd Eßer, head of the Cyber emergency response team (CERT) of Telekom. Also in the future was to be expected with such phishing emails.

The Telecom advises its customers to look for suspicious invoices: the individual booking account number is missing In the subject of current anti-counterfeiting, beyond the personal approach of the correct customer name missing among residential customers.

Customers can at any time check the invoice amount from the email by they view their invoice in the secured customer centre. "The invoice amount specified is correct in any case", emphasizes the Telekom. "Your invoice letter has a different amount, it is a fake email, you should promptly delete."

The company asks customers generally, to be wary of E-Mails, which unusually act as constantly, malicious software will sent via this route. "Follow any link in such an email", is the recommendation.

Generally, users should have installed a current security solution on your computer and keep your system and installed software always up to date.

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