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E-Commerce: Mobile sets, desktop remains front

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The online retail sales increased 2013 in the United States in the fourth quarter to 10.3 percent from the previous year, as IBM has identified digital Analytics benchmark with its cloud-based platform. Mobile devices, which are increased compared to the same period by more than 46 percent and 16.6 percent of all online sales were doing took an increasing share. The mobile traffic accounted for almost 35 percent of the total traffic, which corresponded to an increase of 40 percent.

Although mobile sales and even more so the traffic grew significantly, the orders remain reserved but overwhelmingly the desktop PC and a notebook. Even when the mobile devices, a significant difference showed as Smartphones often served to surfing, was ordered but significantly more often with tablets.

Smartphones generated 21.3 percent of the total traffic, and thus almost twice as much as tablets with 12.8 percent. Exactly the opposite way it behaved when it came to ordering: tablets took 11.5 percent of all online sales, while smartphones taught only 5 percent. The tablet users made loose also average 118,09 dollars per order, while the orders via smartphones for an average of $104,72 came.

As been interim results showed very similar during the Christmas season, significantly more sales in the entire quarter was achieved with iOS devices as with Android devices. 12.7% of all online sales came via iPhone and iPad in, while only 2.6% Android devices with their larger install base in the United States. Along with this came the average order total of iOS users, which turned out to almost 40 percent higher with 115,42 dollars than that of Android users.

[with material by Rachel King,]

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