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ECMA standardizes DART Google language

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The standards group ECMA headquartered in Geneva announced to deal with first before one month finalized JavaScript's successor DART with Google's. You have set up a Committee to publish a specification of the language, it is called.

This Committee is called TC52. The developer community as a whole will then decide on his proposal. Google writes in a blog post, it will now cooperate via TC52 with "the larger online community" in terms of a standard of DART.

For Google, the reaction of the ECMA is a great success. The standardisation organisation maintains, for example, any changes to JavaScript, c#, and Eiffel, whereby the latter are two object-oriented alternatives to C++.

So far, chrome supports only a browser, namely Dartium, an offshoot of Google. Microsoft and Mozilla have expressed so far reluctant about the language. The standardization process is an opportunity for Google to win still partners and supporters.

Google sees DART as a replacement for or supplement to JavaScript, as it would create significant performance benefits for big online projects (about the Google apps). JavaScript is familiar and widely used, there are many useful libraries for this but also the power rises slowly, but continuously. EcmaScript 6 to take another leap.

At the same time, a second client-side scripting language would dramatically increase the complexity of the Web. Even if darts were popular, JavaScript would be at least so common, that it would have to be supported long. These obstacles seem too high even those, who criticize JavaScripts weaknesses. And even Google itself invested resources parallel in the development of JavaScript.

[with material by Seth Rosenblatt,]

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