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Enterprise SSD from Toshiba protects data even if power is lost

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Toshiba has announced a more enterprise SSD series, which is designed for continuous operation in servers and storage systems. The 2.5-inch drives of series HK3R designed to protect data stored even if power is lost on them. Use MLC NAND Flash with 19 nm structure width.

The new SSDs are in capacity of 120, 240, 480 GB to be available. You have a SATA 3 interface with a throughput of 6 GB / s. Thus, sequential transfer rates of up to 500 MB / s reading and 400 MByte/s in writing are possible according to the manufacturer. The 120 GB model works with a maximum of 280 MB / s write speed slower.

Performance for random reading 4 KByte blocks is specified with 75,000 input commands per second (IOPS), the write performance with up to 12,000 IOPS (120-GByte version: 10,000 IOPS). The error correction process developed by Toshiba quadruple Swing-By code (QSBC) to reliably protect against read errors.

The average operating time specifies the manufacturer with 2 million hours up to the failure (mean time to failure MTTF). The storage media offer a DWPD value (drive write per day) of 1, which means, every day once complete they can be described throughout the product life cycle.

The 2.5 inch SSDs measure 10 times 7 times 0.7 inches and weigh 60 grams. The average power consumption in standby mode is 1.0 Watt. The shock tolerance is specified with 1000 G.

Test pattern of the HK3R series will be available in December. The product life cycle of the drives in the 24/7 continuous operation is five years.

With the series PX02SSx, Toshiba end October already had presented a SSD family for mission-critical server and storage systems. She uses made Enterprise MLC NAND Flash in the 24-nanometer process and characterized by a significantly higher value of DWPD from 30. Here, capacities range from 100 to 800 GB.

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