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Eric Schmidt annual bonus pay Google $ 106 million

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Gets a bonus for the past year by $106 million. This emerges from a stock exchange mandatory notification of the Internet Group. Google will pay $100 million in stocks that may only sell Schmidt in may 2015. 6 million dollars in cash Google rewarded with Schmidt's contribution to the good result of the year also.

It is the second time that Google granted its Chairman a special payment of this magnitude in less than three years. Forbes according to Schmidt takes place 138 with estimated assets of $8.3 billion currently in the list of the richest people in the world.

2011, after ten years at the top of the company Larry page the Executive Chair of Google's founders, Schmidt had delivered. Instead, he took over the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board. His salary rose this symbolic $ 1 a year to $1.25 million. In addition, he received a premium at the time of 100 million dollars in shares.

As Executive Chairman, Schmidt cares first and foremost to contracts as well as Google's relationship with Governments. In an interview with Bloomberg he assumed responsibility for Google's failed social networking strategy recently but personally.

But Google can 2013 look back on a successful business year. In the fourth quarter, it increased sales and profit up 17 percent each. Google improved its profit climbed 20 percent to $12.9 billion. The share price surpassed the 1000 dollar mark for the first time.

Earlier this year the company is separated from his problem child of Motorola mobility, which weighed on the balance sheet with a loss of $384 million in the fourth quarter alone. Google however maintains the hardware business in itself. That confirmed it recently with the acquisition of the thermostat manufacturer nest for $3.2 billion.

[with material from Michael Moore, TechWeek Europe]

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