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Eric Schmidt is responsible for Google's social networking error

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, has assumed responsibility for personally that the Internet company has underestimated the importance of social networks. In an interview with Bloomberg, he said Google had much earlier must recognize the trend. Schmidt also promised that Google will not repeat this error.

"In our defense, we have worked hard on many other things, but we had to be there and I take the responsibility," quoted Bloomberg Eric Schmidt.

In addition, Schmidt called the year of the mobile computing 2014. According to him, smartphones and tablets will trigger important changes in the areas of education, entertainment and social life in the coming months. In Google's mobile operating system Android, he said mobile devices became more and more the preferred computing platform. "The trend was long that mobile will win. It has won now."

Schmidt joined Google in 2001 and led the company as CEO, together with the company founders Sergey Brin and Larry page. in 2011, he gave the Executive Chair on page and assumed the post of Executive Chairman for. Previously, had he worked at Bell Labs, Xerox, Sun Microsystems and was Chief Executive Officer of Novell from 1997 to 2001.

Despite its dominance in Internet search and online advertising has not succeeded Google until today, to achieve a leading position in the field of social media. The market leader Facebook counts more than a billion active users. Google's own social network Google + has only about 540 million members. And many of them have registered only to use other services of the company such as YouTube or online storage drive. As a result, the number of active users is much lower.

[with material from Max Smolaks, TechWeekEurope]

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