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EU calls for more short-term concessions from Google

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

EU competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia called for more concessions in antitrust dispute with Google. As Reuters reported, he said on Wednesday at a press conference to journalists, the Internet group must submit in the short term his new proposals, to prevent an indictment of anti-competitive business practices.

"We need more, not in the coming year, but in the coming weeks", quoted Reuters Almunia. Google did not responding so far on its finding that the previously shown courtesy was not sufficient.

The European Commission is investigating Google's search business for three years. They feared that the way in which the company displays its search results, could harm competition, and that it prefers its own offerings against those of the competition.

Google had therefore proposed in August 2013, better highlight products from competitors in its results. Also, advertisers will be given the opportunities to move their advertising campaigns on other platforms.

In December, Almunia described the concessions in an interview on Spanish radio as "unacceptable". You are not likely to allay the fears of his authority. However he did not on the points, that Google needs rework.

Google has repeatedly stated it hold on to its proposals - despite the standing in the room fine of up to $5 billion. "We have implemented substantial changes to address the concerns of the EU, and improved the visibility of competing services", the search Group announced in December.

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