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Facebook again revised its news feed

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Facebook has once again the design of its news feed updated. Now larger images are displayed on the desktop and a new font used. Thus the layout of more of the mobile version is similar to, which should facilitate the cross-platform use, explains how the social network in a blog post.

The last big redesign of the news feed is exactly one year almost to the day. The version was presented with numerous innovations was never rolled out to all members. Apparently, Facebook has to learn the hard way that his audience wants not too many changes at once.

The news feed of the desktop version is similar to that now the mobile version (image: Facebook).

Therefore, the 1.23 billion members get only a slightly modified news feed, in which images the motto "bigger is better" applies. "Both organic entries and viewing remain similar to appear equal - like images in the mobile version", so Facebook. Also on the other functions such as navigation, nothing is changed when compared to the original design.

For example, Facebook has discarded a box with separate feeds of clarity at the expense went according to the tester. Instead, the navigation bar at the left edge of the page is preserved.

All changes are purely cosmetic. This means that they affect not, what content where in the news feed to appear. The background is now grey instead of white. Overall, the new design makes a little less cluttered, more modern impression. It should be available to all users in the next few weeks.

[with material by Jennifer van Grove,]

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