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Facebook Announces Developer Conference F8 for April

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Facebook has announced a new edition of its F8 Developer Conference. She will take place after a three year break now on April 30 at the San Francisco Design Concourse.

The one-day event will focus even more on developers than in the past. This means that it deals primarily with technical things. With the announcement of new groundbreaking consumer products is therefore not to be expected. Visitors may also assume that Facebook of mobile apps development special attention – to an area that is becoming increasingly important for the company, especially after the acquisition of parse in the last year.

At the last edition of the Conference in September 2011, CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented mostly new features for users. These included the radically redesigned profile page as timeline and the now almost completely set scores.

This time, the Conference will start with a keynote address by a still unnamed Facebook Manager. He could announce news to parse, advertising in mobile applications or Facebook's mobile ad network. In January, the social network had communicated it test ads in their mobile applications with partners in the advertising industry. At that time, Facebook promised to give more details in the coming months.

"This year we go back to our roots and hold a pure Developer Conference", parse CEO Ilya Sukar said. "F8 will begin with a morning keynote, followed by four courses, topics like tutorials for beginners, technical best practices, infrastructure strategies and advertising tips for successful apps and games include."

The number of participants limited to 1500 developers, a spokesman for the company said. Facebook will announce details to the registry in the coming weeks.

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