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Federal Patent Court explains Microsoft's mapping patent invalid

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The Federal Patent Court has declared late last week a patent held by Microsoft for invalid. It describes a technique that the software group that is required for card services. Microsoft had brought it into position against Motorola mobility, as well as Google maps.

The Court's decision refers not only to the original form of the patent EP0845124, but also on the applications, which Microsoft had submitted in the course of the appeal proceedings according to Patentblogger Florian Müller. You could the Court not by the patentability of "computer systems to the identify local resources and procedures for this" convince.

Müller according to Tilman Müller Stoy Microsoft's lawyer of the law firm BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has appealed immediately after the announcement of the decision, even though the Court published so far still no written justification. "Normally patent holder insert only a complaint according to the written judgment, what happens a few months after the hearing", Müller in his blog writes FOSS patents. "But this patent expires in the summer of 2015 and could provide an important lever to Microsoft."

Müller admits the appeal of the software group's chances. "It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Microsoft's lawyers can save the patent appeal, at least in a limited form", says Müller continued. Complaints against the nullity of an intellectual property right be successful in more than 40 percent of the cases.

Microsoft had Computerworld According to accused in October 2011 against Motorola mobility and extended the dispute in March 2013 to Google maps. The procedure had been suspended but to first allow the Federal Patent Court, to decide on the validity of the intellectual property right.

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