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First beta of Firefox for modern UI of Windows 8 available

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Mozilla has released a first beta of Firefox for Windows 8 touch. It is optimized for use on Windows tablets and supports gestures like wiping and pinch-to-zoom, as well as a Firefox Launcher in the tile design.

"The large tiles on the start screen enhance the visual experience and are easy to identify and select", it is in the Mozilla blog. The tile-based interface also simplify the AutoComplete and the search.

In addition, the browser can be displayed full screen. It supports as well the snapped - fill views of Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows share integration. The latter allows users to publish content of any websites about installed apps on social networks.

Firefox 28 beta brings still more improvements in addition to the Windows-8 mode. It includes gamepad API for browser-based games. The pre-release version also supports the video codec VP9, as well as the notification Center of Mac OS X.

BildergalerieAktuelle browser in the benchmark test» to the picture gallery...

Mozilla is already working on the modern-UI interface of Firefox. She should appear originally final on 10 December 2013. Then it was moved to January 2014. Now she will be at the earliest six weeks with 28 of the generality available for Firefox.

In addition, Mozilla offers since yesterday a further beta of Firefox for Android. She intended to facilitate in particular the operation of browser. Several share buttons and a volume control for HTML5 audio and video are new. The Android version of Firefox 28 can now decode videos VP9 format beta.


28 for Firefox beta 1

The final Firefox for Windows 8 touch appears likely in six weeks (image: Mozilla).

[with material by Seth Rosenblatt,]

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