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Flipboard and CNN ally against Facebook paper

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Flipboard has announced a partnership with the media company CNN apparently aimed against Facebook paper: the Flipboard app will integrate content from CNN in the future. At the same time assumes Flipboard Zite, the newsreader app from CNN, which is available for Android and iOS.

Both Flipboard Facebook paper are considered "digital journal", the article also be generic and attractive processed messages from different sources. Google uses this market kiosk or the predecessor of currents also play. And LinkedIn also has bought a reader app with pulse.

The 2005 launched Zite even 2011 took over CNN. There is no official limit to the price. According to Fortune, Flipboard pays only little more than the $20 million, which at the time was from CNN. However never succeeded Zite, becoming as well known as about the Flipboard app.

Zite founder of Mike Klaas explained in a blog post, the app will soon be set. Apparently wants to become not competing Flipboard, but only the technique by Zite integrate into its own offering.

With the partnership, Flipboard shows that it long ago not must be written off after the launch of Facebook paper. Finally, continue only for a platform - iPhone - Facebook paper is available. An offshoot that is tailored to the iPad can be just waiting like an offer for Android. Flipboard, however, operated even Windows phone. It has also the greater range of content with sources like Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and magazines.

[with material by Rachel King,]

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