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Former Motorola CEO Sanjay JHA was appointed the Chairman of Globalfoundries

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Ex-Motorola CEO Sanjay JHA has transferred the management of the international chip paver of Globalfoundries get. Its current CEO Ajit Manocha is now take back his former role as shareholder Advisor of the company. Previously, he has still his successor.

JHA had settled as CEO of Motorola splitting into two companies - Motorola mobility and Motorola solutions - and then the sale of Motorola mobility on Google. As CEO, he was resigned in 2012 as a result. Previously, he had served as CEO even Qualcomm.

Of the Supervisory Board of Globalfoundries, the Deputy Chairman Ibrahim Ajami commented: "Sanjay is one of the respected Manager in the technology industry. He has repeatedly shown that he knows how to deliver value to shareholders. His knowledge of the industry and his experience as a customer of Globalfoundries position the company for continued growth."

Globalfoundries is closely connected to the mobile device industry - it manufactures processors for several Smartphone and Tablet manufacturers. Alleged negotiations with Apple, which produce certain semiconductors in the Globalfoundries factory Fab8 in Malta (upstate New York) could have run. Just last week, Globalfoundries had announced to want to upgrade this factory for the production with 14 and 20 nanometers.

JHA himself is in the press release as follows quote: "I am thrilled to run a company with such a great track record in an industry that I know and love. I am looking forward, transitional with Ajit to work closely together - and with a talented, global team. Together we will make successful our customers."

Sanjay JHA as Motorola CEO 2009 (image:

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