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Fortune: Google is again preferred employer in the United States

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google finds for the third time in a row in first position on a list with the most popular employers in the United States. 2012 it had can sit for the first time before the software company SAS. The ranking of the magazine Fortune is based on notes by the employees.

Fortune is also the main reasons for Google's good grading. One is the stock price, which had climbed 2013 on more than $1000 - Finally, all Google employees are also shareholders. In addition there are charitable. Every five hours, which is one of its employees in community service, Google donates $50. In the past year, staff for projects in Ghana and India were turned off.

Fortune according to Google in the United States listed 42.162 employees. The staff therefore grew by 20.1 percent last year. Google is in a separate post among the top employers which will cease in 2014 massively. According to Fortune, there are 4000 jobs in all areas, in particular developers and vendors are looking for but.

The former leader of SAS, whose Fortune highlights healthcare is ranked 2 of the list. Thus, 53 volunteers provide employers--including three doctors, 11 trained nurses, a psychologist, and three psychotherapists at SAS. on rank 7 and Intuit to 8 are also in the top ten. In the list with a total of 100 entries, the technology companies are also ultimate software (human resources and payroll software), Rackspace (Web hosting), Qualcomm, and NetApp. Rank 55 running Cisco, Intel on 84th and Microsoft in 86th position.

[with material by Lance Whitney,]

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