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Foxconn promotes wearable tech

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Foxconn is said before establishing a Fund for start-ups, which should promote portable technology of all kinds. Bloomberg reported this. About 200 million Taiwan dollars (4.9 million euros) are therefore available. The selection of candidates to begin early 2014.

For the award, a business unit, Foxconn is called Syntrend creative Park, it says in the report. She will offer also offices and consulting for young entrepreneurs funded, this first but probably late next year. Syntrend has reserved two floors in the Taipei information Park it. There, Foxconn is building a building with 12 floors, will - host otherwise IT dealers and presentation rooms of local and international brands such as Google and Microsoft.

The money will be divided between Bloomberg's according to sources up to 20 companies. The focus was on hardware, but also software companies would have a chance at promotion, it is called.

Foxconn is known as a manufacturing partner for companies such as Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Sony. But new claims recorded in the last few months. So, at a shareholder meeting, the company demonstrated a self-developed Smartwatch, who can communicate and answer calls in its place and show Facebook posts with Apple's iPhone in the summer. Only a month before this presentation Foxconn allegedly received by the way Apple commissioned, the first 1000 advance copies of to make Watch called iWatch.

Foxconn has put their own ambitions this year in connection with the Firefox OS on the day. It developed not only a Tablet for this software, but will adjust even 3000 programmers to create applications for it.

[with material by Steven Musil,]

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