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G 20 Summit: Chinese hackers naturally from European diplomats

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Chinese hackers apparently European diplomats in the sights have taken in the run-up to the G20 Summit in September. According to the findings of the security firm FireEye, they mailed emails with malware to employees of the ministries of Foreign Affairs of five European States. It reported the Reuters news agency.

Using the malicious programs were the Chinese spies able to control the computer of the affected employees and to gather information before the meeting of 20 major industrial and emerging in the Russian St. Petersburg. FireEye wanted to not mention the names of the countries concerned. It should be but members of the European Union.

Just before the beginning of the two-day Summit, the hacker to another server be moved so FireEye next. After the company lost their trail. FireEye Reuters according to suggested that the move allowed the hackers to continue espionage activities during the Summit.

FireEye was convinced that the hackers originated in China, it is named on the Reuters report. There is however no evidence of a connection to the Chinese Government. Which again distanced himself from the accusation, she've hacked computer of foreign Governments to steal data.

Reports about Chinese hackers are in circulation for years. The groups that are blamed for incursions into Western networks, seem however to be no direct connection with the Government of the people's Republic. If this is true, it is not to understand.

The Reuters report contains another interesting detail: FireEye has registered therefore any attempts of hacking, attacking targets in North or South America. Instead, they have focused exclusively on Europeans.

[with material by Don Reisinger,]

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