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Google buys AI researchers DeepMind for $400 million.

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has bought DeepMind, a company specializing in artificial intelligence. This reported recode first and named a price of $400 million. CEO Larry Page personally had initiated negotiations on Google's side. Google has confirmed the purchase, without having to provide information to the terms and conditions.

DeepMind sits in London and developed algorithms for intelligent systems. His website talks about innovative methods, "combining the best techniques from the fields of machine learning and neuroscience system, to design powerful all-purpose Lernalgorithmen." The first commercial applications were games, simulations and E-commerce.

Not even a year ago, Google had opened a laboratory should explore machine learning using a quantum computer. The computer from D-Wave systems is currently in the Ames Research Center of NASA. There are also other scientists for research projects, it is accessible.

Google's X Labs also 2012 presented the Kopzept of a self-learning neural network of 16,000 processors that was connected to the Internet. His performance has surpassed the expectations of researchers: for the identification of 20,000 images of objects, the accuracy rate was twice as high as previously thought.

"We have never said the network during training, 'This is a cat'," explained Google employee Jeff Dean, who was involved in the development of the software. "It has virtually developed the idea of a cat." The research project was now search Google x in the Division and related services shifts. The search group hopes potential improvements in image search, speech recognition and machine-aided translation.

[with material by Steven Musil,]

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