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Google buys Robotics specialists of Boston Dynamics

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google acquired with Boston Dynamics, a maker of military robots. Both parties have agreed not to silence the purchase price. A representative of the Internet Group said the New York Times man "will fulfill existing orders of the military", no plans but to be an armaments factory.

Big dog robot (image: Boston Dynamics).

For Google, it is already the eighth acquisition of a robotics specialist in the past six months. Previously, the company had already car foot, bot & Dolly, shaft, industrial bought perception, MEKA, Redwood Robotics and Holomni.

The development of robots Ruby is responsible for Google Andy, who had themselves by buying his startups Android Inc. to Google. In the 1990s, Rubin began his career in Germany as a robotics engineer. A robot is also the hallmark of Android.

Boston Dynamics has developed several robots in the past few years, which are based on animals, including BigDog, Cheetah, and WildCat. The former is a four-legged robot that can move in rough terrain. In his YouTube channel, the company shows but also examples of humanlike robots.

Customers by Boston Dynamics include the army, the Marine Corps and the Navy. It also supplies the Defense advance research projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Department of Defense Agency, responsible for research projects. The company has contributed also to Sony's robotic pet AIBO.

Only his latest project had presented Rubin earlier this month: the development of robots. The manager sees the advantage of Google, in the context of planners that it both hardware as on software can develop.

[with material by Jack Schofield,]

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