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Google extends relocation deadline for chrome extensions

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has the deadline for a relocation of chrome extensions extended in the chrome Web store. Originally it had said this must be done no later than in January. Now Engineering Director Erik Kay writes in a blog post, it has decided to enforce the restriction only from 1 may in the stable version of the browser.

As a reason, Kay called requests from developers. "After this date extensions that do not originate from the chrome Web store, will be shut down. Register until after the deadline, your user must reactivate your extension by hand or reinstall again the functionality to be able to access."

With the restriction on its own download offering, Google wants to gain greater control over extensions and combat particularly malicious. However, only the Windows versions of the browser in the stable and in the beta channel are affected. For chrome on chrome OS, Linux, or Mac OS has this nor consequences such as for users who have the dev - or Canary-version of the browser in use. The reason is simply that according to Google the most complaints about misconduct of the browser or by extensions of Windows users get.

Developers have the option of "inline stalls", locally to test new extensions. For companies, there will be the possibility of further through policy locally to install extensions.

The chrome divided into three segments Web store. At startup, the area appears first apps. A navigation bar on the left gives access to extensions and themes for the browser.

[with material by Chris Duckett,]

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