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Google fixes Gmail bizarre errors

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has removed five days after first reports an unusual error in its mail service gmail. Accessing user by a result page of Google search to your Gmail mailbox, the E-mail address of a stranger was automatically selected as receiver.

Search engine country has experienced it by a reader who suddenly found an unknown recipient of his mail preset. Complaints came from a few interested parties, who received the messages. David S. Peck about received thousands emails to his own Hotmail account from other Google mail users, as he told TechCrunch on Friday.

A Google spokesman cited as reason for the "technical mishap", publicly E-Mail addresses announced on Web pages were appeared "too high" in search results. "We have fixed the problem and regret any inconvenience." The link in question with Peck's Hotmail address as no longer appears in Google's search results. Perhaps, Google has set here.

Click on the highlighted link led to Gmail, but entered a stranger as a receiver (screenshot: search engine land).

Also, Google said the error had to do with disruption of Gmail and other services on Friday. Gmail turned out around 11:00 Pacific time (20:04 CEST), most users could access it but about 25 minutes later again. There was a complete all-clear only in the afternoon.

Google that it was a "disorder" — and not a "failure". Gmail, calendar, talk, drive, docs, sheets, slides were drawings, sites, more or less affected, group, voice and Google + hangouts. Also the streamed by Google play music not as usual worked.

[with material by Seth Rosenblatt,]

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