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Google-glass update brings support for iOS and new photo feature

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has like every month released a firmware update for its data glasses glass. Version XE12 provides some features have long been demanded by users. This includes in particular the support of iOS.

Some time ago, Google his companion app had released iOS MyGlass in Apple's app store, but quickly pulled back. Now, it is available again and makes navigation and other features of glass in combination with the iPhone with the firmware update for the first time. What is currently still missing is the ability to send SMS or iMessages via data glasses, if it is connected to the iPhone.

With wink, Google returns a function, which privacy advocates might not like. Namely, it allows the inclusion of photos with a blink. In this way, it can be theoretically unnoticed shoot pictures. So far had it pressed the shutter of glasses or a voice command said out loud. The blink function is available only on devices that were shipped after October 28.

The new firmware improves also the support of hangouts and YouTube. About Google's communication program glass users may experience now with individuals or groups in contact. Also photos of hangouts you can also send, what was possible only for social networks. With the data glasses recorded videos can be uploaded instantly directly to YouTube.

Other innovations are the introduction of the lock screen and playlist navigation to play music. A list of changes can be found in the release notes. Also are new glassware programmes available, including an app of the Wall Street Journal, weather warnings, and the news aggregator Winkfeed.

[with material by Jason Cipriani,]

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