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Google provides file sharing apps bump and Flock a

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google tells that there are the two services flock and bump set for January 31 will be. It asks users of both apps to export your data, if you still need them up to this date.

Only in September Google bump had taken over the manufacturer of both apps -, and not just by the bump itself - is. At that time, the Internet Group had pledged to continue both. Apparently, however, it has decided now to a new strategy.

The bump app, which is available for Android and iOS, allows users to their smartphones "to join", to transfer contacts or files wirelessly from one device to the other. With the flock in summer 2013 featured app shared photo albums can be created.

Bump founder David Lieb explains in a blog post that he and his team have been entrusted with new projects on Google. The apps for bump and also flock now at the end of the month will be removed from Google play, and the Apple app store.

Also both apps no longer functional after this date, be how love writes. In both cases, you must delete all user data. Who put the flock app, but keep the data stored on his device.

Also, developers should be concern that users could simply export their data. For this, only the relevant apps would have to be opened. Users would then instructed how the data could be backed up. Ultimately, everyone can get a download link for its data.

[with material from Martin Schindler,]

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