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Google's floating showroom in San Francisco must move on

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) has instructed Google to remove his "Google"barge of the berth at the Pier by treasure Iceland. The licenses do not exist, the Agency writes.

The agency Associated Press received confirmation of this from BCDC director Larry Goldzband. According to him, must bring the floating building in a shipyard or other plant with building permit Google. It is a huge raft with several floors of ship containers, which is moored in the Bay of San Francisco.

Google raft in the Bay of San Francisco (image: Josh Miller / CNET)

The ship-like structure contains luxurious showrooms and additionally a party deck bars with many amenities on three floors. Supposedly, it should serve for the presentation of the Google Glass computer glasses and other projects of Google X - about self steering cars. So far, there has been still no events on it. had first established the connection.

Since October, nothing more happens on the raft. Only, an employee of security discourages any curious. Then, in December, determined that the freeze because of an official investigation of the BCDC and the U.S. Coast Guard took place. The problem: these authorities classify the raft as a watercraft other than Google.

The present decision should be the result of the investigation. To stop the construction, Google must find a new location. In a comment on, it only writes the letter of authority have just entered, and you just start to be very concerned. An almost identical project is located on the East coast of the United States in the construction - in Portland in the U.S. State of Maine.

[with material by Daniel Terdiman,]

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