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Google + sign-in authenticates a gradual

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has granularer interpreted his sign-in system, based on Google + for third-party apps. So far developers could waive so that only the data in the access of the user request or let it stay, but interact with Google services. Now, shades are possible.

As an example, Google calls an app that creates a music play list and submit them to Google drive. At first log-in, you could query only basic data such as the name of the user or his email address. Log in with the Google +-access data would then only needed if the user wants to save its list Google drive.

The advantage would be that users once could look at the features of the app, before they entrust you their log-in data. Also, would so transparent, why a complete log-in is necessary at all.

The Web app 8tracks requesting only the YouTube log-in, if the user wants to combine both services (screenshot: Google).

In addition, Google + supports sign-in from now all types of accounts, such as those for Google apps and Google accounts users, the no Google +-created profile. To facilitate an exchange of similar services (about Facebook or Twitter) programmers, Google has also released a migration guide.

Google had launched end of February its logon service modeled on Facebook connect and sign in with Twitter. Web and app developers who implement Google + sign-in access based on the granted permissions to Google +-a user's account. He in turn can publish a website or app on Google's social network. Other services such as drive and calendar had granted earlier access Google developers.

[with material by Seth Rosenblatt,]

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