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Google slashes prices for cloud drive

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has lowered worldwide prices for its cloud storage service drive. 100 gigabyte cost no longer 4.99 dollars, but only $1.99. For a terabyte paying 9.99 instead of $49,99 for 10 TB still 99.99 dollars.

These unit prices are without taxes. The primary care of 15 GB remains continue free of charge. Existing subscribers will automatically pay less, it means Google.

The store service is at the same time basis of Office package of Google Docs, Gmail and also photo service integrated in Google +. Stored documents you can retrieve all of a user's devices - via a browser, but also with native apps for Android and iOS. The owner also for other users can share files and folders.

With updates, Google constantly improves the processes. So a drive button in Gmail introduced end of 2013, the attachments directly into the storage compartment move can, even without starting from Gmail from other systems that to gain access to. And in the drive app for iOS, there are previews since September 2013. Also the search recognizes text contained there since then in pictures.

Only on Monday a reward program launched in the United States: who advertises a new user of Google Docs, receives $15. On Wednesday followed the opening of an online stores for Add-ons to Google's Office software, namely docs and sheets. 30 extensions - some available for personalized mass emails and label printing - to start free.

At Microsoft's competition offering SkyDrive (soon OneDrive) 100 GB currently cost 37 euro a year. There, 7 GB are free of charge.

[with material by Richard Nieva,]

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