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Google speeds up Gmail on iOS

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has updated its Gmail client for iOS on version 3.0. The update enables above all faster access to incoming emails by introducing background refresh. This ensures that messages are already synchronized, when you open the app. This eliminates the "annoying pauses" until the Inbox has updated writes Google Developer Melissa Dominguez in a blog post.

The background refresh is iOS 7 and at least one enabled notification type (indicator, notes, or banner). In addition, the option under general settings must be enabled.

Another important innovation, which significantly improves the user experience on iOS, is single-sign-on for Google apps. The users in the Gmail app, for example, logs on, he can open also YouTube, Google maps, chrome and Google drive, without having to re-enter his password. He is automatically signed in to all Google apps.

The two changes are likely to help Google to poach in Apple's turf. As with the default mail app by iOS users not on Gmail folders or labels can access and save the draft of any messages.

As a single company, Google has been succeeded also to link its apps on iOS and to bypass Apple's usual restrictions. For example, it can be set that in Gmail included Web links open in chrome, map links open in Google maps, via Gmail send documents stored on drive can be in chrome and YouTube links are open in the YouTube app.

[with material by Seth Rosenblatt,]

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