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HTC and Nokia end patent dispute

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

HTC and Nokia have settled their ongoing since 2012 disputes by means of a patent agreement and agreed on a technological cooperation at the same time. The contractual details remain largely confidential. From a press release, stating that HTC will make payments to Nokia. Cooperation should involve also the LTE - rights of HTC and to "further strengthen Nokia's licensing deals".

"We are very pleased that we were able to achieve an agreement and a cooperation agreement with HTC that long is a licensee of Nokias standard relevant patents," said Paul Melin, Nokia's Chief intellectual property officer. "This agreement confirms Nokia's application patents and allows us to concentrate on more licensing opportunities."

"Nokia has one of the most outstanding patent portfolios in the industry," HTC Chief Justicar grace 1892–1895 Lei. As the Smartphone pioneer with a strong patent portfolio could HTC now "continue on innovations for the consumer focus."

Nokia began its lawsuit against HTC already in may 2012. The legal battles were over 50 rights and took meals in seven countries. In Germany, a round, HTC went in January, as the District Court Munich I rejected one of Nokia's claims. But little later HTC lost again at the District Court of Mannheim.

The pressure due to the ongoing patent battle made undoubtedly to create the Taiwanese manufacturers given its business downturn. In October, it had to report the first quarterly loss since its IPO. But at the same time, the struggling mobile phone maker planning an entry into the fledgling market for wearable tech, which he sees as "segment crucial for us". According to a Bloomberg report, HTC is working on a Smartwatch with Google's mobile operating system Android and a camera.

[with material by Matthew Miller,]

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