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HTC update on Android plans 4.4 Kit Kat for one X and X + more

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

HTC according to update is planned more for the former top model one X. "We can confirm that the one X and the one X + about Android 4.2.2 with sense 5, no further updates will receive," HTC UK told the Previously, it had spread the bad news through Twitter.

The statement includes a sort of apology and a kind of justification: "we are aware that it will disappoint some users, but our customers can be confident that we have optimized both devices for our amazing camera and audio experiences." That seems to imply that HTC considers the interaction with sense 5 for very successful and more want to make therefore no further developments.

The one X had been introduced at the Mobile World Congress of spring 2012 and could be purchased from April, the one X + was available from November 2012 even. It is well only a year old. However Google has relied nexus in the case of the Galaxy on an only 18 months long Update window for support, beyond it not committed to support.

As owners of the Galaxy nexus remains also HTC users only the path to a Custom Rom to get another Android 4.3 or sometime even the current 4.4.2. Such operating system distributions not only waive crapware, but offer additional features, more privacy and a better adaptability. CyanogenMod has made available a build of 4.3 for the HTC one X. OmniROM is not, however, yet for the one X or X +, although it supports now 39 devices.

The one X was launched alias jelly bean with the Android version 4.1 with optimized sense interface (sense 4 +), while the one X with Android 4.0 and HTC sense 4. Sense 5 followed until in March 2013.

[with material from Liam Tung,]

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