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In December, Yahoo was again most visited Web site in the United States

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Yahoo has presented his December numbers with the most visited US sites. Thus, Yahoo came to 195 million unique visitors from the States, which accessed by desktop computers on his various Web sites and offers. It is from Google (192 million visitors), Microsoft (175 million) and Facebook (141 million).

Yahoo had taken the lead by Google in July 2013. In the top 3 - occupied by Yahoo, Google and Microsoft - could however for years no other offer to advance, even if sometimes changed the order of the three.

Facebook in fourth place is according to comScore the leading social network in the United States: LinkedIn is 46 million visitors in 20th place, Twitter with almost 40,000 in 24th position. Amazon, which precedes place with 116 million on 6, eBay on 11th position with 76 million US visitors leads under the E-commerce offerings.

Also interesting: Comscore results in the sites of the Wikimedia Foundation with 78 million visitors at 8th position. And of the great another Tumblr is more popular than WordPress with almost 30 million (rank 42) with 34 million unique visitors (rank 30) in the United States. This Tumblr has a portion of its traffic in July (as Yahoo continued to the top) released its new corporate parent.

An analysis of mobile traffic through comScore should follow in a few days. It created unfortunately no comparable rankings for Europe outside the UK.

The traffic development currently one for Yahoo given streaky balances and lingering unrest in the management by a few bright spots. In December, it had also had the worst loss in the history of Yahoo mail, CEO Marissa Mayer personally apologized for the.

[with material by Dara Kerr,]

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