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Iranian Minister: we can not eternally block Facebook

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Culture Minister Ali Janati according to the Iran is can not permanently disable Facebook. "Iran's four million people are on Facebook, and we have limited access," the agency AAP quoted him. "We can not justify but the progress of such technology with the pretext that it is protecting Islamic values."

Janatis words are regarded as another sign of an opening is made possible by the new President Hassan Rohani. Janati went even so far as to compare the current lock with the ban on fax machines and video recorders from 1979: "Seem ridiculous In hindsight some steps taken by us after the [Islamic] revolution."

The filter system of Iran due to unislamic and immoral irregularly content locks currently about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. What they are, decide a 13-Member Committee. Savvy users bypass the lock but by use of proxy servers, but fighting with notoriously slow connections.

See Rohani, there are also official government activities on social networks. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif writes status updates regularly in the Persian language on Facebook, where he has 850,000 followers. It is also the only verified Twitter account is an Iranian official that way, filled in the English language, and on YouTube, he is also registered. There are a number of accounts with unexplained status, including the English-language Twitter account @HassanRouhani that is actually operated by the staff of the President according to many.

After all, the de-facto - head of State of Iran, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, maintains a Web site. Also, there are Twitter and Facebook accounts, devoted to him.

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