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Jason warns of scam calls of alleged Microsoft employees

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The North Rhine-Westphalia Landeskriminalamt warns of fraudulent calls by alleged Microsoft employees. As the authority shall, of the Cybercrime competence center experts discovered a cluster of cases in recent weeks, where criminals took advantage of a known phishing Variant.

The mostly English-speaking callers pretend to be according to LKA alleged support staff from Microsoft. They point out their victims on a supposed attack of your computer with malicious software. Partly also a failure of the operating system of the victim computer to face directly.

For a money payment - usually between 80 and 200 euros - the perpetrator in the same breath offer repair and remote maintenance of PCs, as well as a lifetime warranty. To do this, a program from a website to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Actually this software allows the scammers to perform further manipulations to the PC of the victim. It allows them, for example, peeking out of banking and credit card data or the blocking of the computer.

"Everyone must be suspicious if he is called without recognizable cause of a supposed Microsoft support staff", explains the head of cybercrime competence center Markus Röhrl. He specifically warns to reveal sensitive data on the phone or visit dubious websites to installing unknown programs.

Some time there is this kind of fraud attempts. Lately, the perpetrators will proceed but apparently increasingly aggressive. They want to talk not only redundant services on their victims, but move them also to the installation of malware.

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