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Judge Koh denied permanent ban of sales of 23 Samsung products

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple has to accept a setback in the lawsuit against Samsung in Northern California. Judge Lucy Koh turned down a request for a sales ban on 23 Samsung products. The decision according to Apple "not showed, that it is entitled to the requested available".

However, Samsung had to accept a silencer. Koh confirmed the fact in November by a panel of judges used to additional pay damages amounting to $290 million. Samsung had raised the Bill previously that only $52 million in addition to the already fixed 640 million dollars available to Apple.

Originally 2012 used damages in the amount of $1.05 billion was been slashed on the sum of $640 million. State which would give things Apple so 290 million plus $640 million to - makes $930 million at the expense of Samsung, which was only slightly below the original amount.

Patentblogger Florian Müller, who has advised in the past, we know it as Oracle and Microsoft patent on FOSS, notes that Apple like Samsung can insert still appeal against the decision. According to him, it is a major setback for Apple, after its location in the late January still rosy looked.

The decision by Koh is the first process by Apple against Samsung, which was negotiated in her court. A second - around on newer Samsung devices that allegedly also hurt right apples - pending for March, after Koh ordered settlement talks with the participation of the CEOs have apparently failed.

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