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Leaked Nokia Lumia icon

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The U.S. mobile phone operator Verizon has accidentally prematurely advertised for a new Nokia device. The later hastily removed page dealt with a model named Lumia icon that Nokia has not yet announced. Several Twitter users and the blog GigaOm could make screenshots.

The model icon accordingly comes with a 5-inch screen, Pureview 20 megapixel camera and 32 GB storage. The data sheet also noted a Qualcomm processor of Snapdragon 800 with four cores and 2.2 GHz clock.

Verizon had ever published a test page to a new model of Nokia this month. It is apparently the same device, even if the name in that case Lumia 929 was. It is not so clear for the name Nokia will ultimately decide. So far it had chosen but always three-to five-digit model numbers, while concrete names were only advance and internally used.

There is no an official price for the device so far. GigaOm reports only the now deleted page called 777 dollars both with and without a contract. It might have been just a placeholder.

In the last two years almost every Nokia device had become known in advance at least as image or code name. Possibly, Nokia has a problem with the confidentiality - or it is pursuing a new marketing strategy. A big question mark behind so or even the Android model Normandy, that apparently has a Windows phone like interface and special services and apps like Skype, Nokia here maps or even Nokia camera. Despite becoming known photos and screenshots in high quality, it is difficult to believe taking the new owners of Nokia's device Division, so Microsoft, the risk of a fiasco with Android on.

[with material by Don Reisinger,]

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