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LinkedIn sued profile collector

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

LinkedIn has filed a lawsuit against unknown which it accuses using the Amazon Cloud member data on a large scale to have collected. It demands damages and a trial before a jury. The identity of the persons concerned could easily be determined if the authorities on Amazon turned, it says.

Data collection began in may 2013, but lasted in this year. The attackers of created LinkedIn according to "thousands" fake profiles, in which are then bots logged a, to get information and to store them on Amazon EC2 systems.

The bots should have obtained each day hundreds of thousands of profiles. They succeeded also to bypass, including CAPTCHA tests and the FUSE system which actually should restrict the number of actions of individual users on a reasonable level, to discover automated accesses a series of protection measures. And also LinkedIns system Sentinel not stopped them, which is intended to prevent actually repeated requests from a single IP address.

The claim that involves Copyright Act not only a violation against the LinkedIns terms of use, but also against the laws of computer fraud and abuse Act and the Digital Millennium. Damages the social network sees itself justified, because the efficiency of his platform had been reduced. Also, the existence of data collection schmälere the value of LinkedIn recruiter, you invest much in this for years.

For the time being you have can remove the false profiles and set up additional defenses, it says further. If they could continue but threaten "lasting and irreparable damage".

[with material by Tom Brewster,]

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